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Among Kent’s Wetlands & Countryside

You will find the humble Isle of Harty nestled between the Nature Reserves of Swale and Elmley – one of the largest wetland bird reserves in Europe. It’s our very near distance to estuary, coast and country that makes the area around the Mocketts Farm holiday cottages such a unique habitat for an abundance of local wildlife.


Coastal wetlands are a haven for harriers, in fact our local area is home to half of the UK's Harrier population. These magnificent birds are ground nesters among reed beds and farmland. In the 70s their UK population was decimated by habitat loss and man. We’re happy to say that with conservation efforts since then their population is beginning to recover.

Owls & Birds of Prey

Owl sightings are a daily given in Harty – we frequently see Barn owls which love farmland and our many hedgerows. Enjoy watching them swoop around the fields surrounding the cottages at dusk and dawn, when they prefer to hunt. After rain or during the winter (when they’re particularly hungry) you might catch them out and about in the day too.

In Harty we also spy Little Owls, Short Eared owls and others. This short eared owl prefers coastal marshes and wetlands, so it’s no wonder they choose our particular spot. They hunt mainly in the day and you see more of them in the winter months. As well as owls, buzzards and kestrels are also a frequent site. In fact, the RSPB describes Harty's Capel Fleet Raptor Point as "perhaps the best bird of prey viewpoint in the UK.”

Game, Water & Migratory Birds

As well as birds of prey, Harty is home to a number of wild fowl species, including pheasant and red legged partridge. Expect to see chicks scuttling about from May, making a dash for hedgerows and running up the Harty road. Harty’s position right on the shoreline of the Swale estuary also makes it a desirable spot for a wealth of migratory birds during autumn and spring on their way to and from warmer climes. Water birds are a familiar sight along the shoreline, including plover, ibis and oyster catchers.

Furry & Farm Creatures

From the skies and water to the fields, Harty’s abundance of wildlife continues. It’s not difficult to spot ground dwellers such as field mice, weasels, hares, rabbits and foxes. There are also cows, sheep and horses in the surrounding fields. Not forgetting their calves, lambs and foals during the spring months, which is always a magical season to visit for a cottage holiday.

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Many thanks to Philip Haynes for the use of his wonderful Harty wildlife photography.