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Website cookies

So what are they, and what are we doing with them?

Cookies are small data files that are popped onto your device when you browse a website (ours included) to remember things like browsing behaviour and preferences. Cookies are commonly used to improve your browsing and website experience, to help us with the effective running of our site and to allow us to tailor the marketing you receive from us, so that it is more relevant and useful to you.

While they do not directly identify you, some people prefer not to allow some types of cookies. We use One Trust to help you easily manage your cookies preferences while you’re browsing our website. These can be updated and changed at any time. 

What cookies do we collect & how can you disable them?

We collect a number of Performance, Targeting and Necessary Cookies. To view these, please click on the green Cookies Settings icon found on the bottom left hand corner of all of our web pages. From here you can you read more about what these do, get a full list of website cookies and use the toggle switch to easily enable and disable them as you wish.

You can also see a list of the cookies we collect below.


Privacy statement

Are you looking for more information on our privacy and data security? If so, you can find our Privacy Statement here.